Mtilk's Photography


Young self-taught photographer, Zack Mtilk was born in Essaouira in 1988. Passionate about Russian literature and philosophy, he had fun taking snapshots of his daily life with his smartphone like everyone else in the world. Having shown his photos to some of his friends, they made him realize that he had an eye "and encouraged him to continue, helped in the knowledge of framing, composition, and drawing and painting lessons. portrait he was following then were of great use to him. He decides to give up his smartphone and buy a second-hand Fujifilm X 100 and to only photograph with this device, at the beginning of 2019. In love with his city, respectful lover of its inhabitants, he has made it his mission to enhance them through his work and to fix the evanescence of his city forever. As a souiri storyteller, what he shows us is Essaouira with its traditions, its secrets and the titles that inhabit it and bring it to life. Far from any exoticism, it is his life and that of the smiles that he gives us to see. 1st monographic exhibition on the occasion of the 2019 PHOTOGRAPHIC NIGHTS at the Other Gallery, 17 rue Ibn Rochd (formerly Koutol) in the old medina...

My Hobbies & Interests

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